Monday, November 14, 2005

Tunes for today

Cutting it fine but here are the tunes I'll be selecting from this arvo - hope there's something in there you like(d)

Mr Milk You Am I 3:16 Hourly Daily
Harry Was A Bad Bugger Tex, Don & Charlie 5:19 All Is Forgiven
The Singer of The Song Tex, Don & Charlie 4:49 All Is Forgiven
Into Temptation Jimmy Little 4:48 Messenger
Bonnie & Clyde Mick Harvey 3:57 Intoxicated Man
Into my arms Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 4:16 The boatmans call
Keith And Tina Sodastream 5:42 Take Me With You When You Go
The Stkilda Chilla The Speakeasies 4:42 Speaken Freely
Cherry blossom girl AIR 3:39 Talkie Walkie
Tropicalia Beck 3:20 Mutations
A Good Soundtrack (Pushin' Fear) Ed Kuepper 3:36 Death To The Howdy-Doody Brigade
Surfing Magazines The Go-Betweens 4:33 The Friends Of Rachel Worth
Kids With Guns Gorillaz 3:45 Demon Days
Stones Paradise Motel 6:33 Still Life
Inertia Creeps Massive Attack 5:55 Mezzanine
Adelaide Paul Kelly 3:37 Post
Sorted for E's & Wizz Pulp 3:47 Different Class
Everything in it's right place Radiohead 4:11 Kid A

Hot Kids Riff Random 4:04 Kill Your Idols
Woman Wolfmother 2:41 Kill Your Idols
Where Eagles Have Been Wolfmother 5:33 Wolfmother
No Way Out Love Of Diagrams 4:01 Kill Your Idols
Girl & the Sea The Presets 4:40 Kill Your Idols
Help You Out The Golden Age 3:05 Mexico City Bees
Big in Japan The Inches 3:39 Trust me
Take You Home Devastations 3:53 Coal
The Night I Couldn't Stop Crying Devastations 4:58 Coal
Rubin The Anyones 3:34 The Anyones
Sabotage The Beastie Boys 2:59 The Sounds Of Science (Disc 2)
Yo Mama Butterfingers 3:20 Breakfast At Fatboys
Say Goodbye Hunters & Collectors 4:53 Living In Large Rooms And Lounges (Disc 2)
Get Off The Dandy Warhols 3:11 Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia
Useless Depeche Mode 4:53 The Singles 86>98 (Disc 2)
Mr. E's Beautiful Blues (Untitled) Eels 3:59 Daisies Of The Galaxy
We Care A Lot (Original Version) Faith No More 4:03 Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits
Self Abuser The Fauves 2:54 Future Spa
Love will tear us apart Joy Division 3:12 Series 7 - The Soundtrack

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