Monday, November 21, 2005

Bleh - sick day

I feel worse than I look - and from this pic, that's saying something :)

Well I'm not sure if it's the change of weather or poor diet or perhaps the late night game of strip dj :) but I woke up yesterday with that shaky, achey, hot, weak, trembly, crappy feeling that you get when you know the sickness is just kicking in. And here it is.

Off work today and sadly unable to head in to do the show this arvo, so I guess you'll have to dig into your own collections to thrash Belle and Sebastian to death this week.

Many thanks to the always fantastic Sylvie at the station for lining up Lexie to do the show this arvo - apparently we have a couple of hours of very cool electronica to ease the pain of my absence instead. Thanks Lexie.

On a separate thing, I'm continuing my love/hate relationship with Sony this week - picked up a rather snazzy digital camera (yeah, bit late coming to the party there but worth the wait) which means I can actually put my pic up. It ain't pretty but it's all I got :)

I've also continued my illicit affair with Amazon - damn their hides - getting my latest order through, a couple of books on Machinima (which is really cool in it's own right - essentially using computer games to make short movies - possibly the most famous or best being Red Vs Blue, which is based on Halo.

Also got a couple of books by Jon Stewart, of the (now defunct) Daily Show - which was screened on SBS there for a while. Lots of pointed political humour - and in a world like this, who doesn't need to be able to laugh at things a little.

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