Friday, June 30, 2006

The things people say.

Came across this site the other day - pages and pages of funny and weird things overheard in New York. Very easy to waste hours here but very entertaining.

Personal highlight -

Mom: ...and you have to hold my hand before we go out into the street.
Little girl: Best fucking advice ever.

--106th & Broadway

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Monday - ooops Wednesday sunset tracks

Had a bit of a shift swap this week while off doing some (very useful and exciting) work training. Thanks to the Great Fintain for filling in.

This is what I played on Wednesday.
I Was Made For Loving You    Queen Of Japan    2:01    2 Many DJs
Get Up Outta The Dirt    ButterFingers    4:13    The Deeper You Dig...
Our Way Of Life    EYE Vs Comm. Govt  1:17    Songs Of Protest
Wonder Riff    Baterz    3:03    Out of Hell
Take You Home    The Devastations    3:53    Coal
Electricityscape The Strokes    3:33    First Impressions Of Earth
Not So Tough    Love Cuts Kill    4:08    Melbourne Water 2
Summer Wino    Dan Kelly And The Alpha Males    4:54    The Tabloid Blues
Unmade Love    The Triffids    4:02    Australian Melodrama
I-94    Radio Birdman    3:36    The Essential Radio Birdman (74-78)
Hash Pipe    Weezer    3:06    Weezer (Green Album)
Paranoid    Black Sabbath    2:49    Paranoid
Black Country Rock    David Bowie    3:36    The Man Who Sold The World
Love Me Like You    The Magic Numbers    4:50    The Magic Numbers
Comet    Wire    3:18    Send
Meganerd    YT Cracker    3:02    Nerd Rap
Scooby Doo, Where Are You?    Matthew Sweet    3:13    Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits
Peaches & Cream    Beck    4:54    Midnite Vultures
Bullet    Frank Black & The Catholics    3:53    Dog In The Sand
I got your number    Deadstar    3:12    Deadstar
Suicide Baby    The BellRays    2:11    Raw Collection
Well That Was Easy    Franz Ferdinand    3:02    You Could Have It So Much Better

Everything Reminds Me of Her    Elliott Smith    2:37    Figure 8
Twin Lakes    Sodastream    2:12    Reservations
The stories you tell    Jim Dead    3:39    13 Songs by Jim Dead
Rowboat    Johnny Cash    3:44    Unchained
Guns Of Brixton    Nouvelle Vague    4:06    Nouvelle Vague
Falling Out    Ween    2:28    White Pepper
Make it Count    Barb Waters & Kim Salmon    3:35    Rosa Duets
Aeroplanes    Paradise Motel    4:52    Flight Paths
Take It From Me    The Weepies    3:52    Say I Am You
Greetings In Braille    The Elected    3:58    Me First
Whitey Trickstar    GBVG    6:04    Whitey Trickstar
Pissing in the wind    Badly Drawn Boy    4:19    The hour of the bewilderbeast
Under The Milky Way    The Church    4:58    Under The Milky Way
7 Sisters    Wild Pumpkins At Midnight    3:04    The Secret Of The Sad Tree
Heart Of Gold    Neil Young With The Stray Gators    3:09    Greatest Hits
A punchup at a wedding    Radiohead    4:57    Hail to the thief
If You're Feeling Sinister    Belle & Sebastian    5:21    If You're Feeling Sinister
World Looking In    Morcheeba    3:20    The Chillout Session 2 (Disc 2)
Slience    Delirium    3:55    The Chillout Session 2 (Disc 2)
How Would You Plead?    Ed Kuepper    3:21    This Is The Magic Mile

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Monday, June 19, 2006

And the beg-athon continues

Last day of Radiothon (thank God) - while it's nice to have something to break up the routine, it kind of gets a little painful when you pitch pitch pitch for people to support the station and consistently get very little. (Big thanks to the people who did subscribe during Monday and Tuesday Sunsets last week, by the way)

Anyways, it is a worthy cause and it is important to do your bit, so onwards and upwards I guess.

Here are some tracks for the show today.

So Now You're Paul Simon's Producer 2:18 Full Fathom Five 07 Seven
Got No Money 2:43 theredsunband Peapod
Grace 5:34 King Creosote Dream Brother: The Songs Of Tim & Jeff Buckley
Mornings Eleven 5:34 The Magic Numbers The Magic Numbers
Constant Ships 5:05 Sodastream A Minor Revival
Oh, Madalene 2:44 The Oranges Band All Around
Swimmers 2:55 Broken Social Scene Broken Social Scene
Solar Flare 3:52 Endorphin Embrace
Black Heart 4:48 Calexico Feast Of Wire
Everything Reminds Me of Her 2:37 Elliott Smith Figure 8
John Wayne Gacy, Jr. 3:19 Sufjan Stevens Illinois
Music 3:31 The Beautiful Girls Learn Yourself
Outer Accelerator 5:21 Stereolab Mars Audiac Quartet
Run Baby Run 7:23 Alex Cortiz Mesmerising
It's A Dream 6:32 Neil Young Prairie Wind
This Modern Love 4:25 Bloc Party Silent Alarm
Silver Bird 3:18 Collard Greens And Gravy Silver Bird
Blackjack 4:07 Tortoise Standards

Anita's Miracle Suntan Lotion Magic Dirt 2:34 Tough Love
Breakdown Electronic 5:52 Twisted Tenderness
Hot Rich Girls Dropped In A Grange (Gwen Stefani/Snoop Dogg/ZZ Top) Torero 4:28 Best of Bootie 2005
Am I ever gonna see your face again Mach Pelican 2:24 Bigger than Tina

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday tracks

Mr Cheapskate    Cosmic Egg    4:39    Cosmic Egg
Give Me Tonight    Art Of Fighting    4:38    Wires
Sweetheart    Goldentone    4:21    Blood Red Earth
Fruite De Passion    The El Caminos    3:55    ...Away
She bangs the drums    The Stone Roses    3:50    Very Best of
Inner Meet Me    The Beta Band    6:19    3 E.P.'s
Hallelujah    Custard    4:58    Goodbye Cruel World Bonus Disc
World Divided    The View From Here    3:15    Songs Of Protest
Fifteen    Baterz    2:05    Out of Hell
Across 110th Street    Bobby Womack    3:50    The Best Of Blaxploitation (Disc 2)
Le Chant De l'Helium    Marie-Jo Therio    4:53    So Frenchy, So Chic (Disc 1)
What a wonderful world    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds    3:03    B-Sides And Rarities II
Hurt    Johnny Cash    3:38    American IV - The man comes around
Final Straw    R.E.M.    4:07    Future Soundtrack for America
The Staunton Lick    Lemon Jelly    5:22
Love Will Tear Us Apart    Nouvelle Vague    3:18    Nouvelle Vague
Throw your arms around me    Hunters and Collectors    4:45    Live in large rooms and lounges

Requiem for the Punters Club    The Lucksmiths    5:19    Midweek Morning

Ready Light    Full Fathom Five    4:54    07 Seven
Get Up Outta The Dirt    ButterFingers    4:13    The Deeper You Dig...
Girl and the Sea    Presets    4:46    Beams
In Front of Me    Tzu    3:37    Smiling At Strangers
Hot Rich Girls Dropped In A Grange
(Gwen Stefani vs. Snoop Dogg vs. ZZ Top)    Torero    4:28    Best of Bootie 2005
My Other Car Is A Beatle
(L'Trimm vs. Armand Van Helden vs. Beatles vs. Gary Numan)    Jay-R    4:52    Best of Bootie 2005
Passenger    Powderfinger    4:21    Internationalist
Ever Fallen In Love    The Buzzcocks    2:55    The Archive Series - BBC Sessions
Simple Love (Orig)    Saints, The    3:40    Do The Pop - Oz Garage Rock 76-87
Thornbury    Ruck Rover    3:10    Before we lost it
Seven Nation Army    The White Stripes    3:52    Elephant
for the price of a cup of tea    belle and sebastian    3:19    the life pursuit
Blister In The Sun    Violent Femmes    2:32    Viva Wisconsin [Live]
Man Overboard    Deborah Conway & Wicked Beat Sound System    6:11    He died with a felafel in his hand - Soundtrack
Last nite (The Strokes)    The Detroit Cobras    2:35    Stop me if you think you've heard this one before
Gabrielle    Ween    3:29    Shinola (Vol. 1)
Prisoner Of Society    The Living End    3:52    The Living End
Mornings Eleven    The Magic Numbers    5:34    The Magic Numbers
Supernatural    Ripe    4:09    The Plastic Hassle

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Todays tunes - a special radiothon editiion (now with bonus i's)

Get Up Outta The Dirt    ButterFinger    4:13    The Deeper You Dig...   
Turn Up Your Radio    The FBI Idols    4:06    Kill Your Idols   
Kool thing    Sonic Youth    4:06    Goo   
Do you remember rock'n'roll radio    Ramones    3:52    Anthology   
New Race (Orig)    Radio Birdman    4:27    Do The Pop - Oz Garage Rock 76-87   
Radio    Teenage Fanclub    2:55    Four thousand Seven hundred and Sixty-six seconds   
Golden Radio    Bit By Bats    6:08    Let's Go Romeo   
Get up    The Smallgoods    4:23    Listen to the radio    10/02/2006 9:15 PM
Radio    The Avalanches    4:52    Since I Left You   
God Is On The Radio    Queens Of The Stone Age    6:04    Songs For The Deaf    
Radio Jordan    Josh Abrahams    6:39    Sweet Distorted Holiday   
Give Me Something Back    Skulker    2:33    Coming Home Single   
Money (That's what I want)    Flying Lizards    2:32    J Files - Best covers of all time   
Got No Money    theredsunband    2:43    Peapod    10/02/2006 9:15 PM
Warm Milk With Honey    Legends Of Motorsport    2:44    Warm Milk With Honey   
Rocket Ride    Felix Da Housecat    2:37    Devin Dazzle And The Neon Fever   
Pinball City    The BellRays    2:35    Raw Collection   
This train will be taking no passengers    Augie March    4:30    Strange bird   
19-2000 [SOULCHILD REMIX]    Gorillaz    3:30    G Sides   
Lick The Bacon    Osterberg    2:08    Osterberg   

No No Never    Weddings Parties Anything    5:20    They Were Better Live (Disc 2)   
Radio #1    Air    4:22    10,000 Hz Legend   
My Nan Really Likes Radiohead    Justin Heazlewood    2:07    The Bedroom Philosopher - Living On The Edge Of My Bed   
Spidermother    Baterz    2:21    Out of Hell   
Point that thing somewhere else    The Clean    5:27    Topless women talk about their lives    
Did You See Me?    Ween    5:11    Shinola (Vol. 1)   
You Never Give Me Your Money    The Beatles    4:02    Abbey Road   
Everything in it's right place    Radiohead    4:11    Kid A   
Heaps    Essendon Airport    3:57    Melbourne Water 2   
Easy Money    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds    6:43    The Lyre Of Orpheus   
Airwaves    Kraftwerk    4:40    Radioactivity   
Shake Your Mood    Dan Kelly & The Alpha Males    4:08    Pirate Radio EP   
Mexican Radio    Wall of Voodo    3:57    Rage - More Of The Songs Most Chosen By Rage Guest Programmers (Disc 2)   
On the radio    The Killjoys    3:21    Stealing Horses   
A.M. Radio    Hugo Race & True Spirit    5:55    The Goldstreet Sessions   
Tessalit    Tinariwen    3:58    The Radio Tisdas Sessions   
Give Me Tonight    Art Of Fighting    4:38    Wires   
Surfing Magazines    The Go-Betweens    4:33    The Friends Of Rachel Worth   

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Nifty Flash animation

If you have ever used Flash (or even a computer I guess), you should find this Flash centred cartoon pretty funny. It is all about the battle between a Flash animator and his creation. Kudos to Alan Becker for this one.