Monday, June 19, 2006

And the beg-athon continues

Last day of Radiothon (thank God) - while it's nice to have something to break up the routine, it kind of gets a little painful when you pitch pitch pitch for people to support the station and consistently get very little. (Big thanks to the people who did subscribe during Monday and Tuesday Sunsets last week, by the way)

Anyways, it is a worthy cause and it is important to do your bit, so onwards and upwards I guess.

Here are some tracks for the show today.

So Now You're Paul Simon's Producer 2:18 Full Fathom Five 07 Seven
Got No Money 2:43 theredsunband Peapod
Grace 5:34 King Creosote Dream Brother: The Songs Of Tim & Jeff Buckley
Mornings Eleven 5:34 The Magic Numbers The Magic Numbers
Constant Ships 5:05 Sodastream A Minor Revival
Oh, Madalene 2:44 The Oranges Band All Around
Swimmers 2:55 Broken Social Scene Broken Social Scene
Solar Flare 3:52 Endorphin Embrace
Black Heart 4:48 Calexico Feast Of Wire
Everything Reminds Me of Her 2:37 Elliott Smith Figure 8
John Wayne Gacy, Jr. 3:19 Sufjan Stevens Illinois
Music 3:31 The Beautiful Girls Learn Yourself
Outer Accelerator 5:21 Stereolab Mars Audiac Quartet
Run Baby Run 7:23 Alex Cortiz Mesmerising
It's A Dream 6:32 Neil Young Prairie Wind
This Modern Love 4:25 Bloc Party Silent Alarm
Silver Bird 3:18 Collard Greens And Gravy Silver Bird
Blackjack 4:07 Tortoise Standards

Anita's Miracle Suntan Lotion Magic Dirt 2:34 Tough Love
Breakdown Electronic 5:52 Twisted Tenderness
Hot Rich Girls Dropped In A Grange (Gwen Stefani/Snoop Dogg/ZZ Top) Torero 4:28 Best of Bootie 2005
Am I ever gonna see your face again Mach Pelican 2:24 Bigger than Tina

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