Monday, June 12, 2006

Todays tunes - a special radiothon editiion (now with bonus i's)

Get Up Outta The Dirt    ButterFinger    4:13    The Deeper You Dig...   
Turn Up Your Radio    The FBI Idols    4:06    Kill Your Idols   
Kool thing    Sonic Youth    4:06    Goo   
Do you remember rock'n'roll radio    Ramones    3:52    Anthology   
New Race (Orig)    Radio Birdman    4:27    Do The Pop - Oz Garage Rock 76-87   
Radio    Teenage Fanclub    2:55    Four thousand Seven hundred and Sixty-six seconds   
Golden Radio    Bit By Bats    6:08    Let's Go Romeo   
Get up    The Smallgoods    4:23    Listen to the radio    10/02/2006 9:15 PM
Radio    The Avalanches    4:52    Since I Left You   
God Is On The Radio    Queens Of The Stone Age    6:04    Songs For The Deaf    
Radio Jordan    Josh Abrahams    6:39    Sweet Distorted Holiday   
Give Me Something Back    Skulker    2:33    Coming Home Single   
Money (That's what I want)    Flying Lizards    2:32    J Files - Best covers of all time   
Got No Money    theredsunband    2:43    Peapod    10/02/2006 9:15 PM
Warm Milk With Honey    Legends Of Motorsport    2:44    Warm Milk With Honey   
Rocket Ride    Felix Da Housecat    2:37    Devin Dazzle And The Neon Fever   
Pinball City    The BellRays    2:35    Raw Collection   
This train will be taking no passengers    Augie March    4:30    Strange bird   
19-2000 [SOULCHILD REMIX]    Gorillaz    3:30    G Sides   
Lick The Bacon    Osterberg    2:08    Osterberg   

No No Never    Weddings Parties Anything    5:20    They Were Better Live (Disc 2)   
Radio #1    Air    4:22    10,000 Hz Legend   
My Nan Really Likes Radiohead    Justin Heazlewood    2:07    The Bedroom Philosopher - Living On The Edge Of My Bed   
Spidermother    Baterz    2:21    Out of Hell   
Point that thing somewhere else    The Clean    5:27    Topless women talk about their lives    
Did You See Me?    Ween    5:11    Shinola (Vol. 1)   
You Never Give Me Your Money    The Beatles    4:02    Abbey Road   
Everything in it's right place    Radiohead    4:11    Kid A   
Heaps    Essendon Airport    3:57    Melbourne Water 2   
Easy Money    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds    6:43    The Lyre Of Orpheus   
Airwaves    Kraftwerk    4:40    Radioactivity   
Shake Your Mood    Dan Kelly & The Alpha Males    4:08    Pirate Radio EP   
Mexican Radio    Wall of Voodo    3:57    Rage - More Of The Songs Most Chosen By Rage Guest Programmers (Disc 2)   
On the radio    The Killjoys    3:21    Stealing Horses   
A.M. Radio    Hugo Race & True Spirit    5:55    The Goldstreet Sessions   
Tessalit    Tinariwen    3:58    The Radio Tisdas Sessions   
Give Me Tonight    Art Of Fighting    4:38    Wires   
Surfing Magazines    The Go-Betweens    4:33    The Friends Of Rachel Worth   

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