Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Some tunes for Monday

19-2000 Gorillaz 3:27 Gorillaz [UK]
Acid In My Heart The Sleepy Jackson 3:31 Lovers
Braxton Hicks Jebediah 3:53 Braxton Hicks
Broken Boy Soldier The Raconteurs 3:02 Broken Boy Soldiers
California Stars Billy Bragg & Wilco 4:58 Mermaid Avenue
Fortress Europe Asian Dub Foundation 3:51 Rock The Kasbah
Girl Beck 3:29 Guero
Hallelujah Custard 4:58 Goodbye Cruel World Bonus Disc
Hot Kids Riff Random 4:04 Kill Your Idols
Just Like Animals Paul Kelly 4:40 Wanted Man
Overkill Colin Hay 3:46 Going Somewhere
People ain't no good Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 5:42 The boatmans call
Pink moon Nick Drake 2:06 Pink Moon
Rich girl Augie March 4:57 Waltz
Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) De La Soul 5:06 Timeless
The Passenger Iggy Pop 4:44 Lust For Life
Wedding vows Sam Evans 2:53 Brown Couch Soundtrack
Where Is My Mind? Frank Black Francis 3:41 Frank Black Francis
You're The Reason I'm Leaving Franz Ferdinand 2:47 You Could Have It So Much Better

Sunday, January 14, 2007

New stuff this week

Ciao!    Lush    3:31    Lovelife
No Going Back    Gold Mice    3:13    Kill Your Idols
My Pal    God    3:21    Tales From The Australian Underground - Singles 1976-1989 (Disc 2)
Ian Thorpe Was Bored    Justin Heazlewood    2:35    The Bedroom Philosopher - Living On The Edge Of My Bed
Chemical, chemical    Pretty Girls Make Graves    2:39    The New Romance
Hotel Yorba    The White Stripes    2:10    White Blood Cells
No Mercy For She    Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright    5:42    Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright
Don't Go Dancin Down The Darktown Strutter's Ball    C.W. Stoneking    3:38    King Hokum
Friends In Danger    Magic Dirt    4:45    Friends In Danger
Pink bullets    The Shins    3:53    Chutes too narrow
Mao Tse Tung Said    Alabama 3    5:16    Exile On Coldharbour Lane
The Night I Couldn't Stop Crying    The Devastations    4:58    Coal
Calling You    Paradise Motel    4:33    Still Life
Previous Crimes    Devastations    4:58    Devastations
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction    Otis Redding    2:48    The Ultimate Otis Redding
Wired For Sound    B(if)tek    3:51    2020
1am (Italo Workers Club)    Dark Network    7:09    Late Set
Our Way Of Life    EYE Vs The Commonwealth Government    1:17    Songs Of Protest
Vending machine    Snowbug    6:38    Inextricably intertwined

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Holiday tracks (if you are so lucky)

Well, once more I've been delving into the depths of the rockin and the slight odd - my fascination with unusual cover versions and mashups continues unabated and for your listening pleasure today I present Run DMC mashed up with Metallica, The Sugababes singing The Arctic Monkeys, Mousse T mashed with the Dandy Warhols and the Flaming Lips fairly radical reimagining of the White Stripes Seven Nation Army.


Fall at Your Feet Crowded House 3:18 Woodface
Freddie's Dead Curtis Mayfield 6:11 Live In Europe
Horny As A Dandy - Original Version Mousse T. Vs. The Dandy Warhols 3:17 Horny As A Dandy (Mashed By Loo & Placido)
Seven Nation Army (Harry Potter And George Bush's Severed Head Army Mix) The Flaming Lips 2:49 LateNightTales: The Flaming Lips
I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor Sugababes 2:44 Q: Best Of 86/06
Tricky Sandman (Run-DMC vs. Metallica) DJ M.I.F. 3:41 Best of Bootie 2006
Black sheep Konrad Lenz 3:05 Living With the spirits of the dead
Brown Bessy The Fuelers 2:20 Hot Dang
Caught Out In The Rain Tom Woodward 3:23 32-20 Blues
Nick The Stripper The Birthday Party 3:52 Prayers On Fire
Heavenly Bodies Lush 2:59 Lovelife
You Say You Lie The Raveonettes 2:55 Pretty In Black
How Does It Feel The Zutons 3:49 Tired of Hangin' Around
over and over Hot Chip 5:45 The Warning
Shark Fin Blues Drones 5:43 Wait Long By The River And The Bodies Of Your Enemies Will Float By
I Thank You- The Powder Monkeys 3:32 Redball Soundtrack
More suicides please The Thought Criminals 2:31 Tales from the Aus Underground Vol.2
The Nature vs. Effect Bit By Bats 2:59 Bit By Bats
Master And Servant Depeche Mode 3:47 The Singles 81-85
Strasbourg The Rakes 2:30 Capture/Release
Modern Way Kaiser Chiefs 4:03 Employment
Wave Of Mutilation Pixies 2:04 Death To The Pixies

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Mo less.

After 2 months (and a bit) it was time for a change. The mo is no more.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Looking backwards

After doing the retrospective thing on Monday Sunset yesterday, I thought I was pretty well going to get into looking forward and enjoying the best new music that people are making but my trip to the cd shop at lunchtime would say otherwise.

I had intended to look for some James Brown - I was in Melbourne when he died and 3RRR (one of the best radio stations around) played huge slabs of him (well - his music, you know what I mean) - anyway, I realised that there is a big Brown hole in the collection.

As it turns out, I found a best-of double cd in the collection of best-of double cds in the 3 for $20 pile so also scored some Curtis Mayfield (arguably cooler than JB) and some Cuban tunes.

Then I saw the Breakfast club soundtrack and before I knew it, I was in retro city.

I'd say that the Flaming Lips - Late Night Tales cd is more contemporary, but there's also a lot of their old retro faves on there, so what do you do?)

Now granted, there hasn't been a whole lot of 07 music released yet (or is that 007?) but I wonder what it all means.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Tunes (ok, so they're the picks of 2006 but if you haven't heard them, they're new, right?)

Nausea    Beck    2:55    The Information   
Love handles    Boytown    1:59    Boytown Soundtrack   
No Backbone    The Lemonheads    3:07    The Lemonheads   
Two Can Play At This Game    Dallas Crane    2:49    Factory Girls   
Midnight Snack    You Say Party! We Say Die!    4:03    Hit The Floor!   
revision    love of diagrams    4:23    e.p.   
Paranoid Android    Easy Star All Stars    6:27    Radiodread   
Roscoe    Midlake    4:49    The Trials Of Van Occupanther   
The Future    Teddy Thompson    6:51    Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man   
Girl From The Tote    The Swedish Magazines    4:26    Eat More Baby   
Blue Monday    Nouvelle Vague    3:06    Bande À Part   
Together    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah    3:30    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah   
Further On Up The Road    Johnny Cash    3:25    American V: A Hundred Highways   
Broken Boy Soldier    The Raconteurs    3:02    Broken Boy Soldiers   
The Brotherhood Of Al Wazah    Radio Birdman    5:30    Zeno Beach   
Country Girl    Primal Scream    4:33    Riot City Blues   
The Clock    Thom Yorke    4:16    The Eraser   
Money Green    Bit By Bats    3:11    Let's Go Romeo   

Warm July    Sodastream    4:24    Reservations   

Cinnamon girl    Matthew Sweet&Susanna Hoffs    2:44    Under The Covers

over and over    Hot Chip    5:45    The Warning
Disco 2000 (Nick Cave Pub Rock Version)    Pulp    4:22    Different Class (Remixed 2006)
Common People (Vocoda Mix)    Pulp    6:18    Different Class (Remixed 2006)
Pop Star Girl    Tom Woodward    3:53    32-20 Blues
These walls have ears    Snowbug    2:06    Inextricably intertwined
Black Sabotage (Beastie Boys vs. Led Zeppelin)    DJ Moule    2:32    Best of Bootie 2006
Crazy Logic (Gnarls Barkley vs. Supertramp vs. Rockwell)    Arty Fufkin    4:27    Best of Bootie 2006
1150 Closer To The Boxer.mp3    The Kleptones    4:55    24 Hours (Disc 1)
My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)    Neil Young    3:47    Rust Never Sleeps (Live)
Worth The Wait    We Are Scientists    2:43    With Love And Squalor
You Will You Won't    The Zutons    2:54    Who Killed The...
Ambush    Figurines    3:08    Skeleton
Watch Out For Me Ronnie    Yo La Tengo    3:01    I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass
Why Won't She Marry Me?    Digger And The Pussycats    3:56    Watch Yr Back
Puttin' On The Dog    Tom Waits    3:39    Orphans: Brawlers
Fat Children    Jarvis Cocker    3:23    Jarvis
Bad boy for love    Ian Rilen    6:14    Love In Murder (Bonus)
Charley Bostock Blues    C.W. Stoneking    3:34    King Hokum
Fistful Of Dallas    Ground Components    5:37    An Eye For A Brow. A Tooth For A Pick.
Yakuza's Girls    Don Walker    2:19    Cutting Back

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