Monday, December 18, 2006

Last for the year

Off to Melbourne for Christmas next week so I guess this is pretty well it. I'll spare you the obligatory best of 2006 list (well, this time at least) and hope you enjoy my selection of winding down tunes.

Trip To Kalu-Ki-Bar Louis Tillett & Charlie Owen 3:45 The Ugly Truth
These walls have ears Snowbug 2:06 Inextricably intertwined
Tambourine Bay Trouser Trouser 3:04 I'm Too Busy (Baby)
Troubled in mind Konrad Lenz (w/Genevieve Elmes) 2:21 One of the missing
Dirty Dancehall The Zutons 4:09 Who Killed The...
look after me Hot Chip 4:47 The Warning
Lies The Rolling Stones 2:46 Some Girls
Little Drop Of Poison Tom Waits 3:09 Orphans: Bawlers
Ballad Of A Yobbo Soursob Bob 2:00 Living In The Long Grass
Ghost Town Figurines 2:56 Skeleton
Mr. Tough Yo La Tengo 4:05 I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass
Dead City Patti Smith 4:13 Peace And Noise
Left Side Clouded The Sea And Cake 3:15 One Bedroom
Spinner Soma Rasa 4:28 Soma Rasa
The Metal Tenacious D 2:45 The Pick Of Destiny
Cash Cow We Are Scientists 2:35 With Love And Squalor
pace of the patience love of diagrams 3:12 e.p.
Our Sunshine Ground Components 4:39 An Eye For A Brow. A Tooth For A Pick.
Four In The Morning Don Walker 4:40 Cutting Back
Cay's Crays Fat Freddys Drop 7:07 Based on a True Story
Don't Worry About It N*E*R*D 3:41 Fly Or Die

Black Bird The Beautiful Girls 3:55 Learn Yourself
King Of New York Fun Lovin' Criminals 3:44 Q Mmmmm
Red Light The Strokes 3:11 First Impressions Of Earth
Feltham Is Singing Out Hard-Fi 4:36 Stars Of CCTV
Wild Flower Soul Sonic Youth 9:04 A Thousand Leaves
She bangs the drums The Stone Roses 3:50 Very Best of
So La Bailterspace 3:31 Capsul
Nothing Much Bidston Moss 2:42 Ep03 Bang
Smokescreen Amusement Parks On Fire 4:11 Amusement Parks On Fire
Supermoves Overseer 4:18 Animatrix
Krack Soulwax 2:32 Any Minute Now
What It Means Barry Adamson 3:59 As Above So Below
Cold Sweat The Grand Wazoo 4:04 At Crossroads of Collingwood and Fitzroy
Special K Placebo 3:52 Black Market Music
What's eating you? Deadstar 3:01 Deadstar
Now Or Ever Again Even 3:30 Free Kicks
Hot Kids Riff Random 4:07 In Space There Is No Sound
Better Then You The Hellacopters 2:44 New Blood Vol 3
The Good Ones The Kills 3:29 No Wow
Metal and Hair Mess Hall 2:35 Notes From A Ceiling

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Muphin Smart Risk Big Benifit 4:12 Diggin Deep
London In Love I Heart Hiroshima 3:00 A Three Letter Word For Candy
Westgate Bridge Sleepy Township 2:11 Set Sail
Ever Fallen In Love Nouvelle Vague 3:19 Bande À Part
The Weakest Part Yo La Tengo 3:04 I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass
Vending machine Snowbug 6:38 Inextricably intertwined
Caught Out In The Rain Tom Woodward 3:23 32-20 Blues
Target's Air Conditioner Baterz 3:48 Out of Hell
Come on home Franz Ferdinand 3:46 Franz Ferdinand
Popcorn Hot Butter 2:33 Single
Dory Previn Camera Obscura 4:16 Let's Get Out Of This Country
Shazam Spiderbait 2:07 Greatest Hits
Spooky 3DS 4:55 The Venus Trail
Alone With You (Orig) Sunny Boys 3:13 Do The Pop - Oz Garage Rock 76-87
Blasphemous Rumours Depeche Mode 5:09 The Singles 81-85
Remember Figurines 2:38 Skeleton
Raskolnikov Soursob Bob 2:57 Living In The Long Grass
Pale My Disco 3:33 Cancer
Why Won't She Marry Me? Digger And The Pussycats 3:56 Watch Yr Back
Blue Poles Patti Smith 5:19 Peace And Noise
Young At Heart Tom Waits 3:41 Orphans: Bawlers

Sunday, December 03, 2006

News Update (neh, just kidding)

I've got a new apartment baby, interior colour of red
(Ok - it's actually a room in a house and it's not red but it's still worth singing about anyway).

Lots of new treats for you this week - still enjoying the tracks from local outfit Snowbug as well as (finally) getting my hands on the new(ish) Yo La Tengo album "I'm not afraid of you and I will beat your ass". Huzzah.

There's also the Tenacious D movie ("The Pick of Destiny") soundtrack, new stuff from Jarvis Cocker and particularly exciting is the new Tom Waits 3 disc collection of oddities (does the guy do anything else?) called Orphans - Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards.

Throw in some CW Stoneking, some Ground Components and a rediscovering of a band called the Sea and Cake and I think we have the fixings of a pretty cool show.

(Of course, you could swap over to JJJ if you prefer - or should I say if you are the kind of person who would vote for Dark Side of the Moon as favourite album of all time - or Anthony Callea & Delta Goodrem over the Stones in the top 100. Says it all really)

Apartment Custard 2:26 Goodbye Cruel World (The Best Of Custard)
Point And Shoot Yo La Tengo 4:18 I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass
Electioneering Radiohead 3:50 Ok Computer
Electioneering Easy Star All Stars 4:34 Radiodread
The dead step out Konrad Lenz 2:12 Film Music
Vending machine Snowbug 6:38 Inextricably intertwined
Why Won't She Marry Me? Digger And The Pussycats 3:56 Watch Yr Back
Don't Say Nothing Patti Smith 5:52 Peace And Noise
Another Episode Sleepy Township 1:29 Set Sail
Four Corners The Sea And Cake 5:44 One Bedroom
Fish In The Jailhouse Tom Waits 4:22 Orphans: Brawlers
Black Magic Jarvis Cocker 4:21 Jarvis
The Metal Tenacious D 2:45 The Pick Of Destiny
The Salty Knowledge Of Tears Soulwax 2:42 Much Against Everyone's Advice
Bad boy for love Ian Rilen 6:14 Love In Murder (Bonus)
Sister Morphine The Rolling Stones 5:34 Sticky Fingers
She's A Bread Baker C.W. Stoneking 3:17 King Hokum
Fistful Of Dallas Ground Components 5:37 An Eye For A Brow. A Tooth For A Pick.
Candidate David Bowie 2:40 Diamond Dogs