Friday, June 30, 2006

The things people say.

Came across this site the other day - pages and pages of funny and weird things overheard in New York. Very easy to waste hours here but very entertaining.

Personal highlight -

Mom: ...and you have to hold my hand before we go out into the street.
Little girl: Best fucking advice ever.

--106th & Broadway

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Andrew said...

Hi Colin, didn't know you were into this blogging thing. Pity you didn't keep up with the Brown Couch blog as would be a good political sight. You may wish to check out which is run by the niece of the former TV star Mary Hardy. The girl wrote Short Cuts about a Yr10 media class and Last Man Standing. She makes some great politically correct comments! Glad to hear that you keep up with Dee from time to time. I'm teaching Media and on the board of ATOM, but haven't made any films since India.

Cheers, Andrew

Colin said...

Thanks Andrew - I'm still thinking about getting back to the Brown Couch blog, in spite of the state of the world at the moment (or perhaps because of it?) I just haven't felt I had that much to say recently.

I'll check out the blog though, hope the media students are behaving :)
(actually I think in some ways it's probably a little easier teaching media as it's still a kind of cool subject and students will tend to be more engaged)