Monday, July 03, 2006

Music for Monday

Heaps of new tunes today - been buying up on the new stuff a bit and also fossicking through the cds that have come into the station in the last week. Might even get up off my arse and put a review or two together - we'll see. (Or you could just listen to them and make up your own mind :)

Steady, As She Goes    The Raconteurs    3:36    Broken Boy Soldiers
Broken Boy Soldier    The Raconteurs    3:02    Broken Boy Soldiers
Sweet Virginia    The Rolling Stones    4:26    Exile On Main Street
That's entertainment    Paul Weller    4:11    Catch Flame
Broken stones    Paul Weller    4:37    Catch Flame
You now    Colourfast    2:52    Walk 
Supernaturally    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds    4:37    The Lyre Of Orpheus
Ballistic    Grimwah    3:01    Ballistic
Country Girl    Primal Scream    4:33    Riot City Blues
Suicide Sally & Johnny Guitar    Primal Scream    3:16    Riot City Blues
The Brotherhood Of Al Wazah    Radio Birdman    5:30    Zeno Beach
We've Come So Far (To Be Here Today)    Radio Birdman    3:45    Zeno Beach
The Scrap Iron Sky    The Drones    4:47    Here Come The Lies
Thunder All The Time    The BellRays    2:54    Australiapithicus EP
Turkey Jerky    ButterFingers    2:16    The Deeper You Dig...
Neon Flux    Bit By Bats    4:29    Let's Go Romeo
Masterplan    My Morning Jacket    5:05    It Still Moves
funny little frog    belle and sebastian    3:08    the life pursuit
Freak Scene    Dinosaur Jr    3:36    Bug
Jump N' Shout    Basement Jaxx    4:42    Remedy

Beauty in this town    Danny George Wilson    3:26    The Famous Mad Mile
Miles Away    The Sleepy Jackson    2:36    Personality
Don't Say    The Sleepy Jackson    3:06    Personality
Partie De Golf    Ridan    4:53    So Frenchy, So Chic (Disc 2)
Who Wrote this? Babra Streisand    Baterz    3:47    Out of Hell
World Divided    The View From Here    3:15    Songs Of Protest
So says I    The Shins    2:48    Chutes too narrow
Drinkin' in the day    The Light Brigade    3:54    Extended Player
Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken    Camera Obscura    3:49    Let's get out of this country
What A Waste    Sonic Youth    3:33    Rather Ripped
The Upper Peninsula    Sufjan Stevens    3:23    Greetings From Michigan: The Great Lakes State
Backslash Paradigm (Thanks)    Kes    3:56    Melbourne Water 2
The Jean Genie    The Dandy Warhols    2:14    Plan A
Untitled 6    Sigur Rós    8:48    ( )
Don't Dream It's Over    Sarah Blasko    4:42    She Will Have Her Way
Apple Tree    Erykah Badu    4:25    Baduizm
Jacob's ladder    Chumbawumba    2:53    Peace Not War
Oh! Sweet Nothin'    The Velvet Underground    7:27    High Fidelity
Anniversary    Sodastream    4:11    Reservations

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guile said...

you've got good taste in music :)..

Colin said...

Well thanks Guile, much appreciated. If you're in Canberra, I'm happy to look into requests