Monday, July 17, 2006

New stuff played today

Further On Up The Road    Johnny Cash    3:25    American V: A Hundred Highways
The illustrated man    Konrad Lenz    3:57    Living With the spirits of the dead
Wonder Riff    Baterz    3:03    Out of Hell
The Old Man Can Talk    Bit By Bats    3:30    Bit By Bats
A Divine Kiss (Original Version)    The Golden Palominos    3:17    A Divine Kiss
Seconds    Grant Lee Buffalo    4:21    Jubilee
Broken Boy Soldier    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah    3:09    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Store Bought Bones    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah    3:13    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
This Perfect Day    The Saints    2:09    Tales From The Aus Underground Vol 1
My Pal    God    3:21    Tales From The Aus Underground Vol 1
You Snooze You Lose    Gonzales    3:08    Presidential Suite
Jeez Louise    Grandaddy    3:43    Just Like The Fambly Cat
Bring It On    The Gossip    2:27    That's Not What I Heard
How we operate    Gomez    3:59    How we operate
So Entertaining    Gus & Frank    3:46    Confession of a Roooftop Killer
Hotel California    Gipsy Kings    5:47    The Big Lebowski
Freedom    J. Mascis And The Fog    4:19    Free So Free

TED: Sir Ken Robinson     TED/WNYC, 17:35    TEDTalks: Ideas Worth Spreading

The Sir Ken Robinson TEDTalk is particularly worth checking out - it's available here -

- the audio file is about 7mb, the video one is a fair bit bigger.

Thanks to Sir Ken for his permission to play this.

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