Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday music

Roaring Days    Weddings Parties Anything    2:43    They Were Better Live (Disc 2)
Slink    Glide    4:07    Last
Fuzzy    Grant Lee Buffalo    4:59    Fuzzy
Glory box    Portishead    5:37    Roseland NYC - Portishead live
Elevate Myself    Grandaddy    3:43    Just Like The Fambly Cat
Please Keep A Bottle Handy    Ashtray Boy    3:28    Melbourne Water 2
Wave of Mutilation - Bee Gee's Style    Matthew Taylor    2:56
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me    Violent Femmes    4:50    Why Do Birds Sing?
Beauty in this town    Danny George Wilson    3:26    The Famous Mad Mile
Miles Away    The Sleepy Jackson    2:36    Personality
Not Even Stevie Nicks...    Calexico    2:43    Feast Of Wire
Karma Police    Radiohead    4:21    Ok Computer
Indecise    Coralie Clement    2:35    So Frenchy, So Chic (Disc 2)
In The Pines    The Blackeyed Susans    3:44    Welcome Stranger
There Is No Such Place    Augie March    3:17    Sunset Studies
Greetings In Braille    The Elected    3:58    Me First
Armagideon Time    The Clash    3:53    Grosse Pointe Blank
Please Break Me Gently    Tex Perkins    2:52    Dark Horses
Riga Girls    The Weepies    2:36    Say I Am You
Kardinya Lights    The Air Ensemble    4:15    Kardinya Lights
Always See Your Face    Love    3:21    High Fidelity

Cheyenne    Guided By Voices    2:59    Universal Truths And Cycles
Intimate Secretary    The Raconteurs    3:30    Broken Boy Soldiers
Ventilator Blues    The Rolling Stones    3:24    Exile On Main Street
Dolls (Sweet Rock 'n' Roll)    Primal Scream    4:00    Riot City Blues
Ten Fifteen    Colourfast    3:33    Walk 
If looks could kill    Camera Obscura    3:29    Let's get out of this country
Wired For Sound    B(if)tek    3:51    2020
Zombie Girl    Baterz    2:50    Out of Hell
No Way Out    Love Of Diagrams    4:05    We Got Communication
Money Green    Bit By Bats    3:11    Let's Go Romeo
Locked Up    Radio Birdman    3:48    Zeno Beach
I Believe    Drones    6:58    The Miller's Daughter
Don't Need Love    Legends Of Motorsport    2:28    Warm Milk With Honey
Let Your Mind Be Your Bed    Felix Da Housecat    3:31    Devin Dazzle And The Neon Fever
Shock And Awe    Neil Young    4:52    Living With War
Sex call    Rocket Science    3:05    Eternal holiday
Slowdance    Soulwax    4:23    Any Minute Now
Break My Body    Pixies    2:05    Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim
Voodoo Lady    Ween    3:48    Chocolate And Cheese
Devil Behind That Bush    Cramps    3:33    Big Beat From Badsville
Brother My Cup Is Empty    Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds    3:13    Live Seeds

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Anonymous said...

Hi Col,
My name's Rose- i work at shiny records and am doing publicity for Colourfast at the moment. I noticed you've played one of their tracks, which is cool. We've been trying to hook up an i/v with them on 2XX as they're playing in canberra on saturday @ transit bar, but i haven't been able to get on to Bonnie. If you're keen, you can email me on
Cheers, Rose

Colin said...

Hi Rose - really sorry I missed this - I think I need to check my comments more often.