Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday music

Got some interesting new stuff and also some stuff that I'm not entirely sure about - but figure it's interesting enough to give it a burl.

Even had a request through - and feel free to send yours in as well - for Mote by Sonic Youth in honour of Thurston Moore's 48th birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday old man. :)

Small change    Gersey    5:23    Eyes Are Wide Tonight
Intersect    Glorybox    4:34    This Is The Glory Box Compilation
Mote    Sonic Youth    7:37    Goo
Fingerpops    Garageland    2:50    Feel Alright
The Haunting    The Golden Palominos    5:32    Drunk With Passion
In Places, Empty Spaces    The Most Serene Republic    4:50    Underwater Cinematographer
Pop Star Girl    Tom Woodward    3:53    32-20 Blues
Black sheep    Konrad Lenz    3:05    Living With the spirits of the dead
Best intentions    Mid-State Orange    3:38    Odds
Dancing Shoes    Arctic Monkeys    2:21    Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
Dory Previn    Camera Obscura    4:16    Let's get out of this country
Acid Food    Mogwai    3:40    Mr. Beast
When The Bomb Drops    Primal Scream    4:36    Riot City Blues
Que N'ai-Je    Keren Ann    3:26    So Frenchy, So Chic (Disc 2)
The Clock    Thom Yorke    4:16    The Eraser
Strange Days    The Doors    4:23    Versions
No Wonder    Neil Young    5:45    Prairie Wind
The Fox In The Snow    Belle & Sebastian    4:23    If You're Feeling Sinister Live

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