Friday, June 30, 2006

Monday - ooops Wednesday sunset tracks

Had a bit of a shift swap this week while off doing some (very useful and exciting) work training. Thanks to the Great Fintain for filling in.

This is what I played on Wednesday.
I Was Made For Loving You    Queen Of Japan    2:01    2 Many DJs
Get Up Outta The Dirt    ButterFingers    4:13    The Deeper You Dig...
Our Way Of Life    EYE Vs Comm. Govt  1:17    Songs Of Protest
Wonder Riff    Baterz    3:03    Out of Hell
Take You Home    The Devastations    3:53    Coal
Electricityscape The Strokes    3:33    First Impressions Of Earth
Not So Tough    Love Cuts Kill    4:08    Melbourne Water 2
Summer Wino    Dan Kelly And The Alpha Males    4:54    The Tabloid Blues
Unmade Love    The Triffids    4:02    Australian Melodrama
I-94    Radio Birdman    3:36    The Essential Radio Birdman (74-78)
Hash Pipe    Weezer    3:06    Weezer (Green Album)
Paranoid    Black Sabbath    2:49    Paranoid
Black Country Rock    David Bowie    3:36    The Man Who Sold The World
Love Me Like You    The Magic Numbers    4:50    The Magic Numbers
Comet    Wire    3:18    Send
Meganerd    YT Cracker    3:02    Nerd Rap
Scooby Doo, Where Are You?    Matthew Sweet    3:13    Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits
Peaches & Cream    Beck    4:54    Midnite Vultures
Bullet    Frank Black & The Catholics    3:53    Dog In The Sand
I got your number    Deadstar    3:12    Deadstar
Suicide Baby    The BellRays    2:11    Raw Collection
Well That Was Easy    Franz Ferdinand    3:02    You Could Have It So Much Better

Everything Reminds Me of Her    Elliott Smith    2:37    Figure 8
Twin Lakes    Sodastream    2:12    Reservations
The stories you tell    Jim Dead    3:39    13 Songs by Jim Dead
Rowboat    Johnny Cash    3:44    Unchained
Guns Of Brixton    Nouvelle Vague    4:06    Nouvelle Vague
Falling Out    Ween    2:28    White Pepper
Make it Count    Barb Waters & Kim Salmon    3:35    Rosa Duets
Aeroplanes    Paradise Motel    4:52    Flight Paths
Take It From Me    The Weepies    3:52    Say I Am You
Greetings In Braille    The Elected    3:58    Me First
Whitey Trickstar    GBVG    6:04    Whitey Trickstar
Pissing in the wind    Badly Drawn Boy    4:19    The hour of the bewilderbeast
Under The Milky Way    The Church    4:58    Under The Milky Way
7 Sisters    Wild Pumpkins At Midnight    3:04    The Secret Of The Sad Tree
Heart Of Gold    Neil Young With The Stray Gators    3:09    Greatest Hits
A punchup at a wedding    Radiohead    4:57    Hail to the thief
If You're Feeling Sinister    Belle & Sebastian    5:21    If You're Feeling Sinister
World Looking In    Morcheeba    3:20    The Chillout Session 2 (Disc 2)
Slience    Delirium    3:55    The Chillout Session 2 (Disc 2)
How Would You Plead?    Ed Kuepper    3:21    This Is The Magic Mile

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