Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New listenings and watchings

I've come across a couple of new and groovy Oz things in the last 2 days - went to see Wolf Creek last night - what an absolute cracker. From go to whoa the story is strong and credible, the performances are spot-on, the characters are likable, the cinematography is stark but very very impressive and the tension just keeps on a building.

The Wolf Creek movie website is also pretty cool and features a Flash background which looks like fullscreen video from the movie. Nice effect. Not sure how this would run on a dialup connection, I know I can take my beautiful work connection for granted sometimes but see how you go.

You know when you watch a horror film and you just don't buy the stupid things that people do - well this time, they don't (really) do the stupid things. Hooray. I also like the fact that it doesn't need to spell every last little detail out and that the ending actually seems like something that would happen in reality.

Musically, I just picked up a compilation put out by the good folk at FBi - 94.5FM in Sydney called Kill Your Idols. Great selection of tracks on there from a heap of up and coming (and just plain old up - Wolfmother, Decoder Ring etc) bands that I'm really enjoying. Particularly partial to the tracks from Riff Random, Wolfmother, Love of Diagrams and The Presets at the moment. Little less impressed by the Decoder Ring track - though it isn't just them, it's Decoder Ring vs Spod, so lets blame Spod shall we? :)

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