Wednesday, November 16, 2005

This is your brain....

This is your brain on drugs (Bill Hicks fans and followers of US pop culture will know what I'm on about here :)

My friend (heck, one of my best friends ever and all-time favourite exes) Sasha just told me that reading this blog was like looking directly into my mind. Thanks - I think.

I've been wondering whether I should have more rants in this thing - as opposed to pointing at the shiny things I find online and saying - hey, check this out.

Still working this all out really - I guess it is about having my say to an extent but also about sharing, the reason I like doing the radio thing in the first place. In spite of appearances to the contrary, I guess I've always been pretty reserved with the things I share - not just from shyness, sometimes just from living in my own little world :) - haven't even finished filling out the profile for this blog yet.

The way the web is going now though seems to be very much about sharing (ok, moreso now than ever) with this whole Web 2.0 thing and surely this can only be a good thing. (The Web 2.0 thing is the overall philosophy of harnessing the collective knowledge and maybe wisdom of web users through tools like (bookmark sharing), flickr (photo sharing), 43 things/places (talking about things we want to do and places to go) and such.

I've been using a little tool called suprglu lately which harvests all of your blog posts, favourites, flickr pics and so on and so forth and puts them all up in the one location. My suprglu page can be found at

Wow, that was just going to be a quick post - hope there was something of interest for you.

(Couple of things I forgot - if you're interested in a browser to make good use of the Web 2.0 stuff, take a look at Flock - it's still in development but has been working pretty well for me for the last few weeks. And then, if, like me, you like to check out news and such from a few different websites and blogs, take a look at bloglines - it lets you create a list of feeds that summarise new content added that are updated as soon as the sites are.)

Ok, done now

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