Monday, November 28, 2005

Today's tunes

Hello - bit of a new music in the selection today and a few faves from weeks gone by, hope you find some stuff that you like. Bit of a busy work day today so not so much time for chit chatting.

Kali-Fornia Uber Alles 21st Century Jello Biafra With The Melvins 3:19 Sieg Howdy!
Arse Grabbin' 2UP 3:42 Player's Club
Internal Combustion 2UP 5:09 Player's Club
The County Coal Harbour 4:01 Coal Harbour
Why Are You Leaving Burgers Of Beef 3:48 Satellite (EP)
Satellite Burgers Of Beef 3:28 Satellite (EP)
Whatcha drinkin tonight? The Speakeasies 4:13 Speaken Freely
Fresh bud The Speakeasies 4:03 Speaken Freely
Suffer Chaos Maths 3:13 Dope meaning good
Tribute To Disco The Floors 2:17 Borrowed
REM - Losing My Religion kalociN/moondabor 4:39 SA NEScover
Spanish Fly The Looks 3:13 Looks Like
Woman Wolfmother 2:55 Wolfmother
Fuck Forever Babyshambles 4:42 Fuck Forever
Hieronymus The Clouds 3:47 Penny Century
Heartstopper Emiliana Torrini 3:20 Heartstopper
Paycheques Tex, Don & Charlie 4:30 All Is Forgiven
Girl & the Sea The Presets 4:40 Kill Your Idols
Let It All Turn Black Sodastream 3:57 Take Me With You When You Go
Frequency Sounds Like Sunset 3:50 Invisible

Mr Soul Neil Young 3:54
Spiritual Johnny Cash 5:07
Evil (Steve Miller) Lisa Miller 4:31
Stone thrown Turin Brakes 4:04
Flite The Cinematic Orchestra 6:35
Blue Stranger Beasts of Bourbon 4:12
Anni Rose Tulku 4:17
Baby, you're a strange girl Gersey 5:56
Still the same Tex, Don and Charlie 3:17
Climbing to the moon Eels 3:38
I was made for loving you Queen of Japan 2:01
Original oddstep Vert 5:30
Blues team Underground Lovers 2:32
The Gospel according to Tony Day Edwyn Collins 3:27
Kelly watch the stars Air 3:46
Roaring days Weddings, Parties, Everything 2:43
He water moves Karma County 5:20
across the universe Rufus Wainwright 4:09

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