Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Playlist for 31/10/05

Hi there - well, as promised, here is the playlist from last night (for what it's worth). A lot of what I'm doing here is trying stuff out, so this may be of interest or not. I'll try next time around to get this up before the show perhaps - what do you think?

Hope you enjoyed at least some of this and if you have requests (for music preferably :), please let me know



The Clock The Go-Betweens 4:06 The Friends Of Rachel Worth

Did You See Me? Ween 5:11 Shinola (Vol. 1)

Transitions Ween 3:45 Shinola (Vol. 1)

Sex Euro And Elvis Pop Messer Chups 2:55 Crazy Price

SuperSonik Vibrator Messer Chups 3:03 Crazy Price

Just Dropped In Kenny Rogers & The First Edition 3:20 The Big Lebowski

Out There Dinosaur Jr 5:53 Ear-Bleeding Country: Best Of Dinosaur Jr

Expressway Sounds Like Sunset 5:19 Invisible

It's My Star Sounds Like Sunset 2:54 Invisible

Hot Ride The Prodigy 4:36 Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned

The Bottle Gil Scott Heron With Brian Jackson 5:16 The Best Of Blaxploitation (Disc 1)

Then there's sirens Gersey 3:21 Hope springs

Unicorns L.A My Barbarian 4:53 My Barbarian Website

Whatcha drinkin tonight? The Speakeasies 4:13 Speaken Freely

Fresh bud The Speakeasies 4:03 Speaken Freely

Pa don't understand me Bam Bam 2:54 Pet Hates

The Knocker Bam Bam 2:56 Pet Hates

A Blind Alley Ni-Hao! 1:14 Red Blue Green

Liger Ni-Hao! 2:12 Red Blue Green

1980 The Inches 3:44 Trust me

Brand New Song The Golden Age 3:42 Mexico City Bees

Lick The Bacon Osterberg 2:08 Osterberg

Midweek morning The Lucksmiths 3:05 Naturaliste

Millionaire Adventurer Balloonist The Titanics 3:04 Love Is The Devil

It's OK Black Cab 2:50 Altamont Diary

A Good Soundtrack (Pushin' Fear) Ed Kuepper 3:30 Character Assassination

Sour Times Portishead 4:16 Dummy

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