Thursday, November 10, 2005

Feel so dirty but still strangely tempted

Now while I wouldn't normally be one to act the corporate shill, this latest offering from Sony (pushers of a rather evil DRM - digital rights management - scheme that blocks users from ripping their cds to iTunes because they're in some kind of trade war with Apple) has me thinking.

My housemate Derek (top bloke) has a PS2 and the latest Singstar game (essentially Karaoke for PS2 with the ability to rate your singing skills based on frequency/pitch/tone/whatever) has a big 80's theme.

Here's the tracklist. (I have to confess that it's the inclusion of 99 Red Balloons by Nena that brings this to tipping point)(Click the list for a larger version)


Dean said...

Give in to Singstar.

Colin said...

Well - if a complete stranger says so, I guess I will :)

(worst excuse yet?)

heading down the shops now.