Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New tunes - 2up Players club

Haven't had much to say about new music of late - though I'll update that shortly - but I do have to give props (sorry, couldn't resist) to the new 2Up album - Players Club.

There's something I'm really growing to love about Oz hiphop (and 2Up in particular), the sense of humour and self depreciation combined great local cultural references - "phat like Toadie from Neighbours", " get you saying Yeah Yeah like Greg Mathews" and just some generally great wordsmithing - "bad to the bone like osteoporosis". The djing behind is great as well, with some great unexpected stings and samples - including the 'O-face' guy from Office Space.
(And I'll never hear the "That's what I want" promo at the movies in the same way again :)

I got the cd at JB Hifi, which apparently is the way to go as they have some deal sorted out where you get a bonus disk at this place - which is essentially the instrumental backing of the main cd.


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Deanne said...

Lol, gotta love oz hip hop.