Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The people united...

Popped down to the National Day of Protest this morning at the Canberra Racecourse (Thoroughbred Park? - puhleease) and on returning, put my 2 bob's worth up on the RiotACT site - bit of discussion ensued which was nice.

check it all out here - link

The people united… [National Community Day of Protest against IR Changes - In Canberra]
Posted on 11.15.05 by colsim @ 11:43 am

I was there - sooo wish I had a camera - everyone from Rebel’s bikies to fluoro clad builders to cardigan wearing public servants turned up for some great speeches and a statement of defiance.

I had also been wondering why the racecourse rather than Parliament - but with that many cars and buses, parking would’ve been impossible and I’m sure that getting permission to set up big screens and Sky Channel reception on the Parliamentary lawn might be have been something of the challenge as well.

Got there a little late (8.30 for kickoff?! - sorry, I tried) so couldn’t get to the inside section but the audio was crisp and clear, the message was strong and the workers were truly united.

To use the words of johnny’s political master - Bring it on.

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