Wednesday, November 02, 2005

New music - Sounds like Sunset

Hey y'all,

well I was just reading BMA, our local streetpress and was happy to see that the new album from Sydney band Sounds like Sunset that I played a couple of tracks from on Monday is in fact their album of the week. Well deserved, it's a pretty bloody good album.

This week I've been checking out The Blacklist (old school hard rockin'), Cato Salsa Experience (billed as Norway's best rock band - maybe but is someone forgetting Turbonegro?), Feelstyle (English/Samoan hiphop), The Scare (hard'n'fast Stripesy styled and more) and John Ford (70's style rawk - some good, some less so). Tune in on Monday between 4 and 6 to check them all out.

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