Monday, September 04, 2006

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This post tickles me particularly because it drops a beautifully well deserved dump on one of my least favourite bands of all time - U2. (There are a few other overrated artists sledged - Tarantino perhaps a little harshly - but U2 I reserve a special place in the bottom level of hell for)

2. Most overrated rock band: U2. U2 are like INXS with religion. The shallow masquerading as the deep. You can’t even say they’re style without substance. There’s neither style nor substance, just empty bombast. Make that bombs. They’re like the musical equivalent of a Gulf War campaign. Shock and Awe. Their well-oiled war machine rolls into town and wins hearts and minds but takes no prisoners. On stage, they look like company directors who were asked to be good sports and dress up as rock stars for the school play. Bono – chairman of the board – prowls around wailing about peace, love and freedom, but his body language says ‘control’. All their (interchangeable) songs tell us U2 are our spiritual teachers. They know something and they’re going to keep singing it, to a relentless 4/4 beat, until we finally get it.

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Jonathan Puckridge said...

Someone just emailed me this great joke/story about Bono. How nice if it was true!

Bono recently stopped a U2 concert in Glasgow, raised his arms, and asked the audience for total quiet. In the silence, he clapped his hands together once; a few seconds passed and he clapped his hands together again. He continued this behavior for a couple minutes without a word. Having demonstrated his domination over the audience, he pompously walked to the microphone and said: "Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies."

The stunned audience remained silent and pondered the ramifications, except for one bloke down the front who shouted out:

"Well why don't ya stop foucking clapping then!"