Sunday, September 10, 2006

My songs

Bit of an eclectic mix today for you - sprinkled with the covers that I seem to love so much.
A couple from the previously mentioned Radiodread album as well as a mashup of the Ghostbusters theme with Nine Inch Nails "The Hand that feeds" and Placebo's cover of the Serge Gainsbourg song The Ballad of Melody Nelson (taken from the otherwise Very disappointing Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited album that I actually shelled money out for recently).

If you want to hear some good English language versions of Serge Gainsbourg songs (which are crackers in their own right), better off chasing up the two albums that Bad Seed Mick Harvey has released - Pink Elephants and Intoxicated Man. He at least has the decency to keep them kind of sleazy cool. (I'm looking at you Cat Power, you sellout - Greatest my arse.)

By means of explanation - one of Gainsbourg's most well known songs - "I love you...nor do I" - has a chorus which (basically) goes - I go, I go and I come, between your kidneys (literal translation - rhymes in French at least) - Mick Harvey tweaked it to I go, I go and I come, inside you my love - which keeps the rhythm but Cat Power wusses out with I go, I go and I come, between you - which doesn't even maintain the tune, let alone suggest anything. Maybe there's a reason or a really crap translator involved but I kind of doubt it

Chicken? Happyland 2:56 Soundscape 02
Hazy Jane II Nick Drake 3:46 Bryter Layter
Razor Jayne Konrad Lenz 2:41 Living with the spirits of the dead
You're Not Cool Baterz 2:17 Out of Hell
The Ghost That Feeds (Ray Parker Jr. vs NIN) Ray Parker Jr. vs Nine Inch Nails 3:20 mashed up by
Exit Music (For A Film) Easy Star All Stars 4:23 Radiodread
No Surprises Easy Star All Stars 4:02 Radiodread
The Ballad Of Melody Nelson Placebo 3:58 Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited
Everybody, Don't Tell Her The Moodists 3:44 Two Fisted Art
Caravan (Ellington/Mills/Tizol) Monsieur Camembert 5:28 Absynthe
Jezebel Machine Translations 4:08 Abstract Poverty
A Midlife's Tale My Friend The Chocolate Cake 3:26 Parade
The Future Leonard Cohen 6:41 The Essential Leonard Cohen (Disc 2)
Roscoe Midlake 4:49 The Trials Of Van Occupanther
Self evident Ani Di Franco 9:14 Peace Not War
'Til the End The Living End 4:26 State Of Emergency
Yellow Sun The Raconteurs 3:20 Broken Boy Soldiers
Take You Home The Devastations 3:53 Coal

The Red Flag Billy Bragg 3:13 The Internationale
Wedding vows Sam Evans 2:53 Brown Couch Soundtrack
(Nice Dream) Radiohead 3:53 The Bends
I See A Darkness Johnny Cash 3:42 American III
Danielle Tex, Don & Charlie 3:18 Sad But True
The Old Man Can Talk Bit By Bats 3:30 Bit By Bats
The Other Side Bit By Bats 6:12 Bit By Bats
What Else Could It Be Mercury Rev 5:13 All Is Dream
You Can Have It All Yo La Tengo 4:36 And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out
Under The Milky Way The Church 4:57 Rage 1
Los Angeles Frank Black 4:07 Rage 1
Shivers - 1 Nick Cave and the Dirty 3 5:11 Single
Fitzroy Strongman Sodastream 4:10 Single
The Clock The Go-Betweens 4:06 The Friends Of Rachel Worth
The Mule The Magic Numbers 5:11 The Magic Numbers
This Is Not The Way Home The Cruel Sea 4:06 This Is Not The Way Home
Bananas And Blow Ween 3:34 White Pepper
I Love Work Butterfingers 4:13 Breakfast At Fatboys

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