Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Murdoch is a moron "says" Andrew Bolt

Every other person I've spoken to in the last day or so keeps asking me if I caught Al Gore's interview on Denton on Monday night. Umm, no. Oops. By all accounts it was fantastic - while the transcript is good, (here), I'm sure it doesn't quite do it justice.

Anyways, I was lucky enough to see the movie - An Inconvenient Truth - and would urge everyone to check it out. Fortunately the murky pool of in-denial corporate hold-outs is getting smaller by the day - even Rupert Murdoch jumped on the bandwagon and his papers are even starting to fall into line. Well, except for the Australian ones anyways.

I mean, seriously, what is it going to take for the Australian and it's stablemates to pull their heads out of the collective arses of John Howard, Ian Campbell (Minister for the Environment and Heritage) and the Coal and Oil industries?

Even massive corporations like BP, Origin Energy, Visy and Westpac Bank agree that we need radical change to save the planet. (Of course, on the other side is the somewhat more sinister Australian Industry Greenhouse Network - coal producers and big industry - who pull the Government's strings)

Andrew Bolt has reserved his own special place deep inside Howard's colon with this rant today - I just hope someone sends it off to Rupert. Actually, what's his email address?

I'd like to take the time to go through and dissect his lunatic (but no doubt well financed) ravings piece by piece, but fortunately I know that the good folks at Boltwatch are already on the case. It's not up yet, but check back soon, I'm sure it'll be well worth the price of admission.

What I don't get is that anyone claims that any of this stuff is actually seriously contentious - after all, is it a debate when 9999 out of 10000 people in a room think the same thing? Yet because the media like nothing better than conflict, the views of the 1 in 10000 are reported as the other, equal, side of the debate.


In PR circles, it's known as FUD - fear, uncertainty and doubt. It doesn't matter how accurate your claims are, all you need to do is claim to be able to poke holes in an argument and a lot of people turn away, thinking "well, if they aren't even sure, what hope do I have".

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