Sunday, September 17, 2006

New tunes (and old)

I thought I'd keep working through the Radiodread album a little this week as I'm still listening to it and loving it. Aside from that, possibly taking a little bit of a nostalgia trip but hopefully there's some stuff in here that'll make you think - cool, I'd forgotten about that one.

hope you like em

Three Dead Passengers In A Stolen Secondhand Ford Stephen Cummings & Dave Graney 3:57 Totally Wireless
Blind Willie McTel Charlie Owen, Don Walker & Tex Perkins 5:48 Totally Wireless
Willow tree Not Drowning, Waving 4:07 Follow the geography
So Entertaining Gus & Frank 3:46 Confession of a Roooftop Killer
Blade-running Elf 4:12 Preview
The Illustrated man Konrad Lenz 3:57 Living with the spirits of the dead
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Live) Nitocris 4:00 Epic Voyage
Kiss of Fire (Allen/Hill) Monsieur Camembert 5:43 Absynthe
You're Too Kind Machine Translations 3:17 Abstract Poverty
Karma Police Easy Star All Stars 4:48 Radiodread
The Tourist Easy Star All Stars 4:07 Radiodread
Everybody Knows Leonard Cohen 5:37 The Essential Leonard Cohen (Disc 1)
Roscoe Midlake 4:49 The Trials Of Van Occupanther
Breakthrough Modest Mouse 4:06 This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About
D.C. Semifinalists 2:59 Semifinalists
Misspelt Youth The Swedish Magazines 2:09 Eat More Baby
Cheyenne Guided By Voices 2:59 Universal Truths And Cycles [Bonus Track]
Elevate Myself Grandaddy 3:43 Just Like The Fambly Cat
If you could read my mind Johnny Cash 4:30 American V: A Hundred Highways

Black Bird The Beautiful Girls 3:55 Learn Yourself
King Of New York Fun Lovin' Criminals 3:44 Q Mmmmm
Red Light The Strokes 3:11 First Impressions Of Earth
Feltham Is Singing Out Hard-Fi 4:36 Stars Of CCTV
Wild Flower Soul Sonic Youth 9:04 A Thousand Leaves
She bangs the drums The Stone Roses 3:50 Very Best of
So La Bailterspace 3:31 Capsul
Nothing Much Bidston Moss 2:42 Ep03 Bang
Smokescreen Amusement Parks On Fire 4:11 Amusement Parks On Fire
Supermoves Overseer 4:18 Animatrix
Krack Soulwax 2:32 Any Minute Now
What It Means Barry Adamson 3:59 As Above So Below
Cold Sweat The Grand Wazoo 4:04 At Crossroads of Collingwood and Fitzroy
Special K Placebo 3:52 Black Market Music
What's eating you? Deadstar 3:01 Deadstar
Now Or Ever Again Even 3:30 Free Kicks
Hot Kids Riff Random 4:07 In Space There Is No Sound
Better Then You The Hellacopters 2:44 New Blood Vol 3
The Good Ones The Kills 3:29 No Wow
Metal and Hair Mess Hall 2:35 Notes From A Ceiling

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