Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tunes just for you - enjoy

Bits and pieces from all over the shop - including new stuff from Jet (sadly pretty well the only half decent track on the album), Beck (pretty well back in form), Boytown (yeah, it's probably all over commercial radio but, well, I like Mick Molloy), The Lemonheads (same as their old stuff but still good) and Dallas Crane (good rockin'). You say party! We say die! are still kicking goals as well.

eleanor Jet 3:34 Shine On
We Dance Alone Beck 3:56 The Information
Elevator Music Beck 3:38 The Information
Love handles Boytown 1:59 Boytown Soundtrack
Special time (of the month) Boytown 1:07 Boytown Soundtrack
Magdeline Konrad Lenz 2:53 Living with the spirits of the dead
Pop Star Girl Tom Woodward 3:53 32-20 Blues
'Til The Money Runs Out Tom Waits 4:25 Heartattack And Vine
Double Dare Adalita 3:06 Suburban Mayhem (ep)
Pittsburgh The Lemonheads 2:55 The Lemonheads
Colour The Black Of My Heart Dallas Crane 2:54 Factory Girls
Bring that beat back Public Enemy 5:17 Single
She Wants To Move N*E*R*D 3:33 Fly Or Die
City Of Refuge Grant-Lee Phillips 3:36 Nineteeneighties
Vicious Girl The White Room 3:08 Single
Stockholm Syndrome Part Two You Say Party! We Say Die! 1:55 Hit The Floor!
Back On The Booze Again Dan Kelly And The Alpha Males 4:05 Drowning In The Fountain Of Youth
theme love of diagrams 2:33 e.p.
Young folks Peter Bjorn And John 4:39 Writers block
Down South Tom Petty 3:27 Word 43 - Now Hear This! September 2006
Old Friends Wild Pumpkins At Midnight 7:46 Sending A Vampire
On The Waterfront Saints, The 3:16 Scarce Saints: Hymns Of Oblivion 1977-1984

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