Friday, October 27, 2006

Cameo or Guest Host - you be the judge

Ok, so filling in for Friday Sunset today (the second hottest spot in the Sunset calender - can you guess which is number 1? :) )

So here are the tracks I'll be selecting from today, hope you enjoy them.

Is there something you liked/hated? Let me know, I'm flying blind here people.
Requests, feedback on my ranting and raving, cries of "My 4 year old could do better" - it's all welcome.

cheers then


Don't Worry About It N*E*R*D 3:41 Fly Or Die
Pila Pila Not Drowning, Waving 2:20 Follow the geography
Exit Music (For A Film) Easy Star All Stars 4:23 Radiodread
Karma Police Easy Star All Stars 4:48 Radiodread
I Don't Ever Want To Change The Drones 3:59 Gala Mill
The Future Leonard Cohen 6:41 The Essential Leonard Cohen (Disc 2)
Heroes [Live] Blondie 6:20 UNCUT - Starman: A Tribute To David Bowie
Roscoe Midlake 4:49 The Trials Of Van Occupanther
A Midlife's Tale My Friend The Chocolate Cake 3:26 Parade
Kiss of Fire (Allen/Hill) Monsieur Camembert 5:43 Absynthe
Dugdig YT Cracker 2:44 Nerd Rap
Previous Crimes Devastations 4:58 Devastations
Disco 2000 Pulp 4:33 Different Class
Sabotage The Beastie Boys 2:58 Ill Communication
John Wayne Gacy, Jr. Sufjan Stevens 3:19 Illinois
Adelaide Paul Kelly 3:37 Post
The Stone Roses (Grooverider's Mix) Stone Roses Vs. Grooverider 4:30 Old School Vs. New School
1980 the Inches 3:44 Trust me

Bing Bang Bang Bong Kong Messer Chups 2:52 Crazy Price
What is lost Konrad Lenz 4:05 Living With the spirits of the dead
Red Sally Tom Woodward 4:21 32-20 Blues
Make Me Your Picture Huski 3:34 Word 43 - Now Hear This! September 2006
Come With Me Grandadbob 3:43 Word 43 - Now Hear This! September 2006
Shining Path Decoder Ring 5:18 Fractions
The trumpet song The Particles 4:47 Tales from the Aus Underground Vol.2
Stuck on you Sardine V 4:14 Tales from the Aus Underground Vol.2
Severed Heads Dead Eyes opened 3:21 Tales from the Aus Underground Vol.2
Arawan Tinariwen 4:06 Amassakoul
Two Can Play At This Game Dallas Crane 2:49 Factory Girls
Yakuza's Girls Don Walker 2:19 Cutting Back
I'm Jim Fix And I'm Dead Now The Fauves 4:26 Nervous Flashlights
Sleepy Little Deathtoll Town The Panda Band 3:07 Sleepy Little Deathtoll Town
Cay's Crays Fat Freddys Drop 7:07 Based on a True Story
Devil Went Down On Betty Autopilot 4:14 Bride Of Monster Mashup
In Passing The Lemonheads 2:50 The Lemonheads
BoyTown '89 BoyTown 2:35 BoyTown
Heartattack And Vine Tom Waits 4:50 Heartattack And Vine
Double Dare Adalita 3:06 Suburban Mayhem OST (ep)

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