Monday, October 02, 2006

New stuff for a lazy long weekend

So lazy in fact I can not think of anything to say here - hope you enjoy it all nonetheless.

pace of the patience love of diagrams 3:12 e.p.
My Brains Are On Fire! Dan Kelly And The Alpha Males 4:12 Drowning In The Fountain Of Youth
Rock Song Smoosh 2:03 Free To Stay
Cold Hands! Hot Bodies You Say Party! We Say Die! 2:56 Hit The Floor!
The Illustrated man Konrad Lenz 3:57 Living with the spirits of the dead
Questions...No Answer The Reserves 3:22 Waiting For No One
Bring that beat back Public Enemy 5:17 Single
Express Yourself N.W.A. 4:25 Straight Outta Compton
Rock The Nation Michael Franti & Spearhead 4:26 Stay Human
Don't Worry About It N*E*R*D 3:41 Fly Or Die
Young folks Peter Bjorn And John 4:39 Writers block
Who Killed Big Bird? Barry Adamson 4:17 Word 43 - Now Hear This! September 2006
Adrift The Guttersnipes 2:49 Totally Wireless The Triple J Acoustic Sessions
Tin Pan Valley Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation 3:48 Uncut 2005
Wave Of Mutilation Grant-Lee Phillips 3:36 Nineteeneighties
Frisco Disco Not From There 3:26 Latvian Lovers
Jazz In The Ravine Mick Harvey 2:00 Intoxicated Man
John Wayne Gacy, Jr. Sufjan Stevens 3:19 Illinois
Marble Arch Minimum Chips 3:04 Kitchen Tea Thankyou
Rowboat Johnny Cash 3:44 Unchained
Cinnamon girl Sid'n'Susie (Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs) 2:44 Under The Covers
Tonight Dallas Crane 2:46 Factory Girls


Konrad Lenz said...

Thanks for the regular airplay. Much appreciated. I noticed that the other stuff on your show is pretty cool too. Cheers.

Colin said...

Been Googling yourself hey Konrad? ;)

But seriously, thanks, always happy to play good music.