Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tunes from Monday's show and other generalities

Well, as the silly season moves along it's been getting a little quiet around the old Monday Sunset blog - nothing like work time to inspire you right.

Monday's show was the last (by me at least - tune in next week for special Bonnie arranged guest presenter) for this year and while I had intended to work that hoary old chestnut of what was good in 2005, I think I might save that for the start of next year. (After all, who knows what cool and groovy stuff is yet to come in the next 10 days)

So, for the record or posterity or for some reason I still haven't entirely figured out yet, here are the tunes from Monday.

Fiction The Lucksmiths
AA XXX Peaches
Kemuri/El Condor Pasa DJ Krush
Easter The Patti Smith Group
Monkey gone to heaven Frank Black
Caribou Frank Black
On & On Erykah Badu
Jaan Talvin Singh Featuring Amar
Pablo Picasso The Modern Lovers
I'm Straight The Modern Lovers
Red Right Hand Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Theme from Shaft (vocal) Isaac Hayes
Lifting the building David Holmes
Piazza, New York Catcher Belle & Sebastian
eatthechort Coach Z (
Popcorn Hot butter
Time Alex Gopher
Krupa Apollo 440
Jump'n'shout Basement Jaxx
Hey boy Hey girl Chemical Brothers
Da Funk Daft Punk
Escape Pod Decoder Ring
Personal Jesus Depeche Mode
Doris Dirty Three
Black Flute Leftfield
45 Machine Gun Fellatio
Crystal New Order
Doctor Who Orbital
Breathe Prodigy
Theta State Sonic Animation
Back to front TZU

As for what else has been a'going on - really enjoying Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories on the PSP (still not convinced by the small screen but the gameplay is great), doing the Christmas shopping thing (it still counts if you wander aimlessly around shops waiting for something to leap out right?) in preparation for the trip to Melbourne. Nothing amazingly exciting, when I think about it. (Well, apart from lion-taming classes, but I'm sure everyone does that at some stage or another ;)

Ok, well, guess I'll get back to umm... stuff

Hope you have a great break, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, joyous Kwanza, Happy New Year and so on and so forth

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