Monday, December 12, 2005

Calm before the storm

Gee, guess it's been a bit of a busy week - not so much with the time for lolling about the web and posting the odd bit and piece opinion or interesting link to the blog. Fortunately, we got through this whole work thing :) - got all the outstanding projects sorted out for the year, made the presentation video and all seemed to go fairly well. (Actually, forget the false modesty, they loved us - the team here at FLS strutted it)

Anyways, now that there's a little more time, guess it's time to get back to the posting and whatnot. Got a few things to mention but think I might put the show together first up.

Did manage to update the links at least - the Suprglu thing I've mentioned before, essentially it's a site that draws in content that you've stuck up around the web - blog postings, photos on Flickr, favourites from (now pwned by Yahoo apparently - same as Flickr) and bibs and bobs from 43 things and such.

The 2XXfm link is fairly self explanatory - apparently there is a major reworking of the 2xx site coming soon which should be interesting. 2xx is getting pretty switched on with the technology (impressive considering the budget we run on) and there looks to be more new, exciting and funky ways to connect with the community in the pipeline.

Dee's Temporal Island is the blog of an old friend of mine living in Augusta, down in the SW of WA. Lots of interesting musings about life, web stuff, writing, public transport and all kinds of things. Always worth a look.

And finally, there's The RiotACT. Often feisty ACT news and commentary blog (with open posting) which is certainly one way to stay tuned in to what's going on in the 'Can. (Or at least what people think is going on :)

I've been thinking about the way people - and I guess me in particular - post to boards like this and have really started wondering whether it's kind of hypocritical to talk to people in these places differently than the way you would speak to them face to face. Obviously, when writing something there is extra time to compose and arrange your thoughts so it's never going to be exactly the same, but what about tone and manners.

Last week - in the wake of the IR/Terror/VSU/etc laws passing I was thinking it might be satisfying to cyberslap around some young libs (not sure how well I did but I was called an assclown) but maybe there's enough aggro in the world today. Maybe manners is the way to go. After all, I often get the sense when these discussions devolve to general sledging that there isn't so much in the way of an argument behind them and maybe it's the ideas that we need at the moment.

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