Monday, December 05, 2005

Today's tunes

Getting in early today as there's much to be done at work (alas :)

Monday Sunset 051205

Cut Your Hair Pavement 3:06 Crooked Rain Crooked Rain: LA's Desert Origins
Hazel Eyes The Darkness 3:26 One Way Ticket To Hell ...And Back
Kali-Fornia Uber Alles 21st Century Jello Biafra With The Melvins 3:19 Sieg Howdy!
Satellite Burgers Of Beef 3:28 Satellite (EP)
Harmonicas And Trams The Lucksmiths 4:45 Why That Doesn't Surprise Me
Harry Was A Bad Bugger Tex, Don & Charlie 5:19 All Is Forgiven
Girl & the Sea The Presets 4:40 Kill Your Idols
Turn Up Your Radio The FBI Idols 4:06 Kill Your Idols
Pills The Mess Hall 4:00 Notes From The Ceiling
Big Buck Cato Salsa Experience 3:51 No. 3
It's My Star Sounds Like Sunset 2:54 Invisible
Stairway To Gilligan's Island Little Roger & the Goosebumps 3:14 Libraryofvinyl.blogspot
If Rap Was A Sport... 2UP 3:55 Player's Club
Interlude ft Ziggy Ziznack The Speakeasies 3:34 Speaken Freely
Diabolik Boogie Messer Chups 3:07 Crazy Price
Eternal Struggle Full Fathom Five 4:00 07 Seven
Space Monkey The Patti Smith Group 4:06 Easter
A big star The City Lights 2:56 Escape from tomorrow today
Kooks Motor Ace 2:58 Garage Days
Love is the drug Roxy Music 3:59 Garage Days
The Jean Genie The Dandy Warhols 2:14 Single

AAXXX Peaches 4:30
Discipline Punish Nou 2:19
Comet Wire 3:18
Lick the bacon Osterberg 2:08
Check level Rogers Sisters 3:20
The Heart's a lonely hunter Thievery Corporation 4:05
Doris Dirty Three 3:26
The Zither Player Dirty Three 5:01
Ain't no easy way Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 2:36
Cherry Chapstick Yo La Tengo 6:11
Speakers push the air Pretty Girls Make Graves 2:51
Recoil TZU 5:00
Back to Front TZU 3:09
Take, Take, Take The White Stripes 4:22
Turn a square The Shins 3:11
Igloo The screaming tribesmen 4:01
Something good Ruck Rover 2:01
Burn in Hell Rocket Science 2:47
Breathe Prodigy 5:34
Nothing on my mind Paul Kelly 4:55

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