Thursday, November 23, 2006

The future of Rock (RAWWWWK) is in safe hands

I caught Airbourne at the Green Room in Phillip last night - for those who don't know, Airbourne is an AC/DCesque 4 piece from Warrnambool who released an EP in 2004 and were picked up by Capitol records for a 5 album deal in 2005 - and rawwwk they did.

They play simple rock - very loud, driving, sweaty and flailing around in a way that makes Iggy Pop look comatose. I don't think I've ever seen a band work that hard and at the same time they keep an incredibly tight sound. Everyone there absolutely loves being up on stage in a rock band and while they know they are good (in the way that only a bunch of 18-22 guys can) they aren't arrogant about it, they're just having a ball.

I'd say I only heard the singer say half a dozen words (and only between songs) that weren't screeched out in a very rock'n'roll Bon Scott style - even the between song banter was screamed at the crowd (the first time I've ever heard the word Canberra sound rocklike - I loved it) and it was nice to see that they had customised the banter to bring some local relevance.

Even the song intros were classic dumb rock (dumb in the best way, don't get me wrong) - "This one's for all the heartbreakers out there - It's called Heartbreaker" "This one's for the girls in black out there - it's called Girls in black" (and so on)

As the singer walked past me (literally, within a metre or so) in the middle of a song doing a rock thing where he leaves the stage and goes behind the bar to pour himself a beer and brings it back onstage, I remember thinking to myself, this is a special moment. (And yes, I tried to get the cameraphone working but it was too dark)

Great band, great show. Keep an eye on them.

(As for their recorded stuff - have only heard the one track on their myspace page - here and it's well put together, heavily ACDC inspired rock. Nothing mindblowing but fortunately that's where the live shows come in.

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