Sunday, November 19, 2006

Back on track - tunes for today

Got a few new treats for your listening pleasure today (and I would have had some Snowbug but - well, um - lent that cd to a friend - next week for sure. In the interests of disclosure, my new housemate is in the band but what I've heard so far I actually do quite like, which helps).

Anyways, we have some delta blues style offerings from CW Stoneking, Ground Components, Love outside Andromeda and a tune from the new album from those sadly underrated workhorses The Fauves.

As ever, if you liked something or didn't like something or have a request (that's anatomically possible), leave us a comment.

cheers - oh, by the way, the Movember thing is still in full swing, check out the full story (with day by day progress pictures - here)

Cold Blooded Old Times (Smog) 4:12 High Fidelity
Jets Decoder Ring 5:00 Fractions
Bad boy for love Ian Rilen 6:14 Love In Murder (Bonus)
Cathedral Bells Justin Grounds 4:36 Cathedral Bells
Conversation Intercom Soulwax 3:06 Much Against Everyone's Advice
Overkill Colin Hay 3:46 Going Somewhere
Salvation Jane Hugo Race & True Spirit 3:38 Valley of Light
Miss Fortune Sixfthick 4:49 Traincrash - live
Stockholm Syndrome Yo La Tengo 2:53 Prisoners Of Love [Disc 1]
She's A Bread Baker C.W. Stoneking 3:17 King Hokum
Keep looking at the sky Love Outside Andromeda 4:17 Longing Was a Safe Place to Hide
Hands In The Air Ground Components 3:33 An Eye For A Brow. A Tooth For A Pick.
Thin Eyebrows Suzie Higgie 3:25 Songs Of Habit
Then You Appear The Panda Band 4:35 Sleepy Little Deathtoll Town
Im Too Busy (Baby) Trouser Trouser 3:04 I'm Too Busy (Baby)
Daniel Morgan Konrad Lenz 3:26 One of the missing
I'll Work When I'm Dead The Fauves 3:32 Nervous Flashlights
This Room Fat Freddys Drop 5:00 Based on a True Story
Karma Police Easy Star All Stars 4:48 Radiodread

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