Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I'm falling Halfday 3:50 Now We're Happy
Nature Boy Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 4:54 Abattoir Blues (Disc 1)
Ten Little Pills Slumber Party 4:11 Slumber Party
Braxton Hicks Jebediah 3:53 Braxton Hicks
Gutter for two The Tremors 3:03 Cash up front, no kissing
Would You Love A Monsterman Lordi 3:02 The Monster Show
Devil Is A Loser Lordi 3:29 Get Heavy
She bangs the drums The Stone Roses 3:50 Very Best of
Quiet Room Meatbee 3:46 Caught In The ACT 2001
You're Not Cool Baterz 2:17 Out of Hell
It's A Crime I Heart Hiroshima 3:19 A Three Letter Word For Candy
Bubblegum Gun I Heart Hiroshima 3:26 A Three Letter Word For Candy
Shock And Awe Neil Young 4:52 Living With War
Let's Impeach the President Neil Young 5:10 Living With War
Midweek morning The Lucksmiths 3:05 Naturaliste
The Ballad Of Lachlan And Sarah Ripe 3:50 Galaxies And Stars
Sharkfin Blues The Drones 4:32 Single
Cinnamon girl Sid'n'Susie (Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs) 2:44 Under The Covers
Secret Track The Drugs 0:41 The Very Next Of
Nightmares By The Sea Jeff Buckley 3:49 Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk [Disc 2]
Pleased To Meet You Sekiden 2:52 Sound Instincts
Hott Date The Gossip 2:17 That's Not What I Heard

Take me home Kirsty Stegwazi 5:04 Jailbirds
Kid Fears Indigo Girls 4:34 Indigo Girls
Madeline Yo La Tengo 3:37 And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out
Sweetheart Goldentone 4:21 Blood Red Earth
Lonely Stretch The Triffids 5:02 Born Sandy Devotional
Pancho Tortoise & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 3:13 The Brave And The Bold
Stars The Weepies 3:02 Say I Am You
Snow Peas Minimum Chips 3:33 Kitchen Tea Thankyou
Your Neighborhood Spaceman (featuring Jel and Odd Nosdam) Peeping Tom 5:45 Peeping Tom
Acid Food Mogwai 3:40 Mr. Beast
We're No Here Mogwai 5:36 Mr. Beast
This is Not a Love Song Nouvelle Vague 4:33 Versions
The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (With All Your Power) The Flaming Lips 4:51 At War With The Mystics
Wedding vows Sam Evans 2:53 Brown Couch Soundtrack
I Wish You Were Here Ed Kuepper 3:03 This Is The Magic Mile
The Nature vs. Effect Bit By Bats 2:59 Bit By Bats
Lichen And Bees Tamas Wells 3:05 A Plea En Vendredi
Lived In Bars Cat Power 3:43 The Greatest
Start Again Sounds Like Sunset 3:24 Saturdays

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