Sunday, May 21, 2006

Oh Lordi - Eurovision goes Metal

Well, far be it from me to blow my own horn (though like all guys, you know I would if I could :) but take a look back through the archives of this blog to the entry from the 27th of March where you'll notice I got perhaps a little excited about the Finnish entry in Eurovision this year.

That's right, it was Lordi, the monster themed metal band who last night took out Finland's first ever Eurovision victory and also did a great interview in their press conference afterwards

"“Think about it, a rock band just won a pop song contest. This is weird, strange, interesting. This is for all rock fans, hard rock fans, metal fans and Kiss fans. And we didn’t just win – we won it for Finland.”

He then sang the chorus of Lithuania entry, ‘We Are The Winners’." And that Lithuanian entry is a whole other thing again

Evidently the band has been embroiled in a little controversy at home, with the Finnish leader expressing concern that they might give Finland a bad name overseas (be interesting to see the backpedal now) and claims elsewhere that the band are satanic. Lordi addressed this pretty well in his press conference as well though

“For the millionth time, we’re not Satanists or devil worshippers,” he said. “This is entertainment. The masks are like our calling card and we’ll never perform without them. It would be like Santa Claus handing a child his gifts and Christmas time and then pulling off his beard and saying, ‘By the way, I’m your father…’”

Read all about it on the Eurovision website -

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