Monday, February 06, 2006

Todays tracks

One Soul Now Cowboy Junkies 4:54
3 Speed Eels 2:45
Hotwax Beck 3:49
Backdrifts Radiohead 5:22
'Tis of thee Ani DiFranco 4:43
New star in the sky Air 5:40
Still need your love Reno 3:28
Greetings in braille The Elected 3:50
Free ride Nick Drake 3:06
Requiem for the Punters Club The Lucksmiths 5:19
Le Monde Thievery Corporation 3:11
Dead Wrong Frausdots 5:00
Fashion Death Trends Frausdots 2:50
Tugboat British Sea Power 6:49
Peace in the valley Alabama 3 5:47
Blowfly Professor Ratbaggy 4:56
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Cake 2:24

another sunny day 4:04 belle and sebastian the life pursuit
sukie in the graveyard 3:00 belle and sebastian the life pursuit
for the price of a cup of tea 3:19 belle and sebastian the life pursuit
Mornings Eleven 5:34 The Magic Numbers The Magic Numbers
Love Me Like You 4:50 The Magic Numbers The Magic Numbers
YYY/NNN 4:00 Soulwax Any Minute Now
Miserable Girl 3:41 Soulwax Any Minute Now
The Night I Couldn't Stop Crying 4:58 The Devastations Coal
There She Goes, My Beautiful World 5:17 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Abattoir Blues
The Mercy Seat 4:35 Johnny Cash American III: Solitary Man
Devil Behind That Bush 3:33 Cramps Big Beat From Badsville
Execution day 4:46 Beasts of Bourbon Black Milk
The Death of an Idiot 2:31 Charles Bukowski Charles Bukowski Reads His Poetry
Gold Soundz 2:40 Pavement Crooked Rain: LA's Desert Origins
A Fond Farewell 3:58 Elliott Smith From A Basement On The Hill
Where Is My Mind? 3:41 Frank Black Francis Frank Black Francis
This Charming Man 2:43 The Smiths Hatful Of Hollow
Perfect Day 3:44 Lou Reed Legendary Lou Reed (Disc 1)
Chinese Rocks 2:53 Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers Mojo: I Love NY Punk
Black shuck 3:22 The Darkness Permission to land

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