Monday, February 13, 2006

Songs of love and not-so-much

Call me a sentimental fool or a sucker for the barrage of St V's day media but today's tracks are all around the general theme of love and/or the lack thereof. (Not sure which camp I fall into here :)

We Think You're Dishy B(if)tek 3:53 2020
Hearth Philippa Nihill 4:37 A Little Easy
Into my arms Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 4:16 The boatmans call
Solitary man Johnny Cash 2:25 American III : Solitary Man
Candy Morphine 3:14 Cure For Pain
Road To Nowhere Talking Heads 4:20 Once In A Lifetime (IMPORT)
Don't Dream It's Over Sarah Blasko 4:42 She Will Have Her Way
Fall At Your Feet Clare Bowditch 3:50 She Will Have Her Way
A Thousand Kisses Deep Leonard Cohen 6:29 Ten New Songs
It's Gonna Be (Alright) Ween 3:18 The Mollusk
Rich girl Augie March 4:57 Waltz
Melting Paul Kelly 5:12 Words And Music
Le Chant De l'Helium Marie-Jo Therio 4:53 So Frenchy, So Chic (Disc 1)
Que Bonita Es La Vida Rubin Steiner 3:45 So Frenchy, So Chic (Disc 2)
Peapod theredsunband 3:49 Peapod
Fifteen Baterz 2:05 Out of Hell
She finally gets to travel The Beautiful Few 4:03 Metal for Melbourne...and other stories
(Are You) the One I've Been Waiting For Jimmy Little 4:08 Messenger
Love You Madly Cake 3:57 Comfort Eagle

Hot Rich Girls Dropped In A Grange (Gwen Stefani vs. Snoop Dogg vs. ZZ Top) Torero 4:28 Best of Bootie 2005
Do You Wanna Cuz It's Tricky (Franz Ferdinand vs. Run-DMC vs. The Knack) Thriftshop XL 2:47 Best of Bootie 2005
Badd To Me (Ying Yang Twins vs. The Cure) King of Pants 3:32 Best of Bootie 2005
Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't Have) The Buzzcocks 2:42 24 Hour Party People
Take You Home The Devastations 3:53 Coal
Alone With You (Orig) Sunny Boys 3:13 Do The Pop - Oz Garage Rock 76-87
Ain't Goin' To Goa Alabama 3 3:55 Exile On Coldharbour Lane
Are you gonna be my girl Jet 3:33 Get Born
white collar boy belle and sebastian 3:20 the life pursuit
Bohemian Like You The Dandy Warhols 3:31 Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia
Ocean Of You The Blackeyed Susans 3:33 Welcome Stranger
Dirty Jeans Magic Dirt 3:41 What Are Rock Stars Doing Today
No One Knows Queens Of The Stone Age 4:38 Songs For The Deaf
A Can Of Lemonade And A Pastie Rob Clarkson 1:13 Shirts & Skins: Songs 90-96
Hot Kids Riff Random 4:07 In Space There Is No Sound
I Thank You- The Powder Monkeys 3:32 Redball Soundtrack
Hey Little Girl Osterberg 2:36 Osterberg
Is This It The Strokes 2:34 Is This It?
Cool World Custard 3:28 Goodbye Cruel World Bonus Disc
Heavy Heart Supersucker 3:31 Free The West Memphis 3
Sex call Rocket Science 3:05 Eternal holiday
Freak Scene Dinosaur Jr 3:37 Ear-Bleeding Country: Best Of Dinosaur Jr
Can't work you out Dallas Crane 3:05 Dallas Crane

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