Monday, March 20, 2006

Hits and Memories

So now you're Paul Simon's Producer Full Fathom Five
Got no money theredsunband
Grace King Creosote
Mornings eleven The Magic Numbers
Constant ships Sodastream
Oh, Madalene The Oranges Band
Swimmers Broken Social Scene
Solar Flare Endorphin
Black Heart Calexico
Everything reminds me of her Elliot Smith
John Wayne Gacy Jr Sufjan Stevens
Music The Beautiful Girls
Outer accelerator Stereolab
Run baby run Alex Cortiz
It's a dream Neil Young
This modern love Bloc Party
Silver Bird Collard Greens and Gravy
Blackjack Tortoise

Jazz Devil Barry Adamson
Ring of Fire Ed Kuepper
Postcard Karma County
Please break me gently Tex Perkins
Empty Nights Art of fighting
Love in the cupboard Jim Dead
Crazy Cordrazine
Holiday in Spain Machine Translations
For a short time Tiddas
Morning Rain The Sleepy Jackson
Requiem for the Punters Club The Lucksmiths
Human equivalent of penicillin Rob Clarkson
Arthurs Pizza Pnau
Constant Ships Sodastream
Rubin The Anyones
Hush Money Hugo Race and the True Spirit
Ocean of you The Blackeyed Susans
Wide Open Road Weddings Parties Anything

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