Friday, October 28, 2005

Hello world

Hi 2xx listeners and general web ramblers and welcome to Monday Sunset - the bloggy interactive part of my show (soon to feature actual content :) on a Monday arvo (4 - 6 pm) on community radio 2xx (98.3fm) in Canberra.

In this space I plan to put up my playlists (in case you were wondering what the hell that track was and I forgot to back-announce it) as well as general rants and raves on the state of the world and particularly web stuff, media and pop culture.

Please feel free to have your say as well - leave some feedback, join any discussions that might come along and so on and so forth. I do reserve the right to remove anything outrageously offensive and wrong, legally iffy, spammish etc but will do my best to preserve free speech.

I've been having a bit of a trawl through some of the new stuff that has come into the station so far this week and you can look forward to some smart cool Melbourne hiphop from The Speakeasies as well as some rather strange Japanese girl pop-rock from Ni-hao. (Of course, given that the first chance I'm going to have to promote this blog is during the show itself, I may have already played this - anyways, you get the drift).

Ok, well I hope you enjoy(ed) the show and keep on tuning in



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